About Velare Wheels

UK based premium alloy wheel designer and manufacturer

Velare Wheels

With over 50 combined years of experience within the automotive industry, Velare Wheels have used their expert knowledge to launch a luxury brand of alloy wheels.

Here at Velare, we understand that quality matters, given the reason why all our wheels are designed in Britain and crafted in Europe. We set ourselves apart from others with our distinctive designs, quality manufacturing process and our state of the art finishes. All of our alloy wheels are manufactured in a TUV approved factory and go through a multitude of rigorous strength tests to ensure our wheels are both durable and reliable.

We aim to create a premium alloy wheel range that comes in a wide variety of vehicle fitments. These innovative designs offer style enhancement to those wanting to set their vehicle apart from the rest. The British design team behind these wheels have invested many hours into creating unique designs in sizes from 18” up to 23”. We have focused on deep concave designs in a range of our wheels and provided them in a wide range of fitments where possible, this allows us to create more dynamic alloy wheel designs.


Here at Velare, we care about our customers and what they think. We actively encourage feedback and understand what customer service is all about. We offer next working day delivery to Mainland UK as well as worldwide shipping using our designated shipping partners.

In the unfortunate event a customer damages an alloy wheel and requires a single replacement, or simply wants a full-size spare, unlike many manufacturers, we will simply supply one from our stock and will split a set. If we don’t have stock then we will have a replacement for you within 8 weeks.


Velare Wheel Range

Our design and marketing team have worked tirelessly to produce some of the finest alloy wheel designs available on the market today. View our full range of Prestige, Premium, Commercial and 4×4 Offroad alloy wheels below.




iridium silver

Premium Wheel Finishes

Iridium Silver

We’ve carefully created just the right shade of silver to provide a bright, attractive gloss finish, perfect to complement a large range of vehicles, whether modified or in the original configuration.

Iridium Silver Machined Face

The addition of a machined face to the Iridium Silver paint creates an impressive final product that enables us to create depth in our wheel designs with their varying layers and dynamic styles.

Diamond Black

Our most popular finish, Diamond Black creates an elegant, slick gloss finish, which provides a high contrast style to our wheel designs, making it perfectly suited to a vast range of vehicles.

Diamond Black Machined Face

Adding machine finishing to the face of our Diamond Black paint allows us to create much more elaborate wheel designs that are crisply defined using the dark paint backdrop, against a bright reflective machined face.

Satin Bronze

We’ve created Satin Bronze to complement a range of luxury vehicles, it’s soft satin finish provides excellent light dispersal, reducing any reflections and allowing the wheels intricate design cues to stand out clearly.

Platinum Grey Machined Face

Platinum Grey is our luxurious finish which, enhanced further by our premium machine facing, this creates a clean-cut reflective surface to our range of market-leading premium alloy wheels.

Onyx Black

Onyx Black was created to provide a subtle matt black finish that diffuses reflections and allows the rim’s intricate design details to take centre stage. Available on a range of Velare wheels it’s perfect to complement both bright finished or dark paint vehicles.

Onyx Black Machined Face

Available on a select range of Velare wheel designs, Onyx Black with machined face provides a unique matt black base which allows the rims machine-finished face to clearly stand out, creating a more dynamic design that is well suited to a wide range of vehicles.

Matt Graphite

Our Matt Graphite finish is ideal for a range of vehicles, providing a subtle matt finished pearlescent face which allows the contours of each wheel design to stand out clearly against the vehicles paintwork.